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     Soul Effective Productions was founded and created by Rich Harris, a Santa Cruz-based multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker. What initially started as a music composition house and recording studio, quickly evolved into an indie filmmaking studio supporting the marketing video needs of artists, local businesses and corporate clients alike. With over 28 years in corporate marketing and high tech, Rich knows how to attack business challenges with digital creative in a way that is rare in Silicon Valley and the corporate world in general. Whether you have an abstract artistic vision for your brand or an aggressive straightforward content strategy to meet your business goals, Rich leads a small, nimble and highly skilled team of insanely talented creative folks that can meet even the most challenging digital content needs.

Services Offered
  • Visual brand & content strategizing

  • Live-Action Shoots: Production planning and execution

  • Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation and motion graphics

  • Integration of your style guide & branding

  • Customized music composition - any genre.

  • Sound effects & foley creation

  • Voiceover (VO) / voice-acting.

  • Audio mixing & mastering

  • Editing

Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out! We will contact you within 24 hours.

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