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First recording session at the new location yesterday. Here's a snippet of Aidan Neal laying down a chorus section on one of his tunes. This dude can sing, dance, play multiple instruments, you name it. Really nice and grateful guy to boot. Looking forward to producing this track with him in 2020.

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Here are a few screen shots from the interview session. Carina is a health/fitness and motivational force to reckon with! Had a great time talking to some of the folks she has helped throughout the years. Editing in progress....

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  • Writer's pictureRich Harris

Kicking off a new studio interview series...First up, Raymond Ahner, rock/metal photographer based out of the Bay Area, CA. This is part 1 of 3. I'll roll the others out after the holiday. Lots of great stories and of course photos...Slayer, Metallica, Iggy Pop, Death Angel and many more. Grateful for his time and insights!

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