Soul Effective has worked with some of the biggest companies in tech and beyond. Whether you're shooting a customer case-study, devloping a lead-generation marketing asset, an internal communication piece or just something fun to enhance your company's culture, we have you covered. 

Projects You Would Hire Us For
  • Executive interviews/commmunications

  • Customer case-study videos

  • Company culture content (internal & external)

  • Company/Sales event coverage - Recap your event with a fun piece covering it's success!

  • B-Roll - You just need some of a product or lifestyle footage of things and people doing things? We got you.

  • Employee, customer, partner, documentary-style interviews

  • Product and process "How-To" videos & animations

  • Script writing, voiceover and music to turn your boring presentation deck into something more engaging

  • Full on web or TV-grade commercials or series.

  • Podcast audio/video editing

  • Just editing - Shot some video and just need it edited to look and sound great? No problem

Services Offered
  • Visual brand & content strategizing

  • Live-Action Shoots: Production planning and execution

  • Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation and motion graphics

  • Integration of your style guide & branding

  • Customized music composition - any genre.

  • Sound effects & foley creation

  • Voiceover (VO) / voice-acting.

  • Audio mixing & mastering

  • Editing

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